Where the Rubber Meets the Road(map)

The Boeing Company

Where the Rubber Meets the Road(map)

The winner of the Innovations in Talent Management Award is The Boeing Company.

Project Description

The purpose of talent management in sourcing is to increase employee performance, develop better contracts, and therefore give your business a competitive edge via a system of talent management which is difficult to duplicate.With over 50% of its IT workforce outsourced, Boeing cannot deliver IT services without robust supplier contracts and vendor governance. And with increased competition for new talent the need for better tools, training, and mentorship is ever increasing. The Boeing Company’s Sourcing Roadmap contains sourcing industry best practices, company-specific governance, and defines organizational RAAs. The Sourcing Knowledge Repository is where the rubber meets the road(map) and goes from notional to reality...with hundreds of artifacts including: best practices, templates, training tutorials.

Other finalists included:

  • FedEx – Sourcing Playbook Project
  • Cambridge Health Alliance – Development of Supply Chain Analytics Team
  • University of Tennessee – University of Tennessee Rethinks How It Teaches Contracting Project