VSP Global and Scout RFP Drive Innovation in Sourcing

VSP Global and Scout RFP

VSP Global and Scout RFP Drive Innovation in Sourcing

The winner of the Innovations in Supplier Performance Management award is VSP Global and Scout RFP.

Project Description

VSP Global's Corporate Procurement team partnered with ScoutRFP to change the way we were approaching the sourcing process and drive better business outcomes. We were looking at improving the way we were running sourcing events such as RFI, RFQ’s and RFP’s, tracking incoming projects and reporting savings across the sourcing team to amplify procurement’s success. Most importantly, the team needed to change the way Procurement was communicating with stakeholders to provide clarity and buy-in from all lines of business. Through the implementation of ScoutRFP solution, VSP saw better business engagement, increased cost savings, validation, and reporting. The initiative has also helped the team stay in compliance with the indirect purchasing policy, gaining recognition from internal audit and with executives.

Other finalists included:

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  • Denali, A WNS Company –Resizing and Operation. Rightsizing while Building from Scratch Project