Supplier Management: Step One in Microsoft’s Digital Transformation Journey


Supplier Management: Step One in Microsoft’s Digital Transformation Journey

The winners of the Innovations in Supplier Performance Management Award are Florida Blue for a customer of choice project and Microsoft for a supplier management 3.0 project.

Project Description

Microsoft’s hardware group is a digital transformation leader.  Find out why at the 2018 SIG Global Executive Summit, where Microsoft will discuss its "One Digital Supply Chain" effort. Microsoft successfully transformed its supplier management, product development, sourcing, and supply chain processes from disjointed to one fully-integrated and seamless design-to-deliver process for Surface, Xbox and other hardware products.   Microsoft achieved this at scale across 35,000 SKUs and 290M shipped units. Now, Microsoft’s product development team has early visibility into the cost impact of design decisions. In addition, Microsoft reduced COGS by millions and accelerated its product development cycle, as the time required for the engineering to supplier management handoff decreased significantly. Learn how Microsoft and its partner SAP Ariba co-innovated to make this possible.

Other finalists included:

  • Ivalua and Fannie Mae - Joint procurement transformation project
  • SAP Ariba and Microsoft - Joint digital transformation and supplier collaboration project