Sourcing to Stakeholder Information System

  • Category: Digitization
  • Year: 2019

Sourcing to Stakeholder Information System

The winner of the Innovations in Digitization award is Google.

Project Description

Project + Supplier + Stakeholder Metadata = Sourcing to Stakeholder (S2S)

It’s no surprise that Google’s Strategic Sourcing team loves data. However, it can be extremely difficult to bring together multiple complex sets of data into one meta database, and then draw meaningful insights. That’s where Google’s S2S, short for Sourcing to Stakeholder information system, comes into play. We bring together complex data from projects, suppliers and stakeholders into one cohesive information system so that we can draw best-in-class insights and fuel our stakeholder management. S2S has set the stage for better and more timely decisions, credibility with our stakeholders, with further automation and AI work on the horizon. We’re most excited about what’s to come with the utilization of machine learning to deliver more value through personalized insights to each individual Strategic Sourcing manager in the future.

Other finalists included:

  • TIAA – "Do you want pepperoni with that contract?" Project
  • University of California, Office of the President – CalUSource Technology Platform