Sarah Scudder - Rising Star

Sarah Scudder
  • Category: Rising Star
  • Year: 2019

Sarah Scudder - Rising Star

The winner of the Rising Star Award is Sarah Scudder, President of Real Sourcing Network.

Sarah's Biography

Sarah Scudder is President of Real Sourcing Network. She is honored to win awards, but she is not defined by them. 

What defines Sarah?  

She loves helping procurement professionals transform the way they handle marketing sourcing.  

How does she help?  

She speaks at industry events, serves on panels, hosts webinars, and co-writes articles for SIG and ISM. She recently served on two thought leadership panels at the 2019 ISM conference in Houston. She also created ProcuRising, a magazine that uncovers the unique stories of doers in our sourcing community. 

And, if you haven’t noticed, Sarah is becoming a LinkedIn celebrity. No autographs please. 


  • Launched Real Sourcing Network (RSN), a print e-sourcing tool software company, August 2019 

  • Helped to make RSN a thought leader in print and marketing services procurement 

  • Launched ProcuremenTalks Executive Roundtable Roadshow: five yearly thought leadership sourcing events hosted in the US and Canada  

  • Launched An RSN Truth from the Trenches Webinar Series: put on quarterly webinars about innovations in print and marketing services procurement 

  • Created and published the ProcuRising magazine: a quarterly publication with fun, easy to read stories about innovative things procurement leaders are doing 

  • Write a monthly article for the Future of Sourcing 

  • Write articles for Institute of Supply Management (ISM)’s Inside Supply Management newsletter 

  • Former Print+Promo columnist  

  • Published a co-authored white paper titled Is A Print E-Sourcing Solution Right For Your Company?  

  • Youngest board member ever appointed to the Print Services and Distribution Association Board (PSDA); served a four year board term 

  • Founded the PSDA’s Young Innovators Group: an organization focused on attracting, retaining and mentoring young people in the print industry 

Speaking Engagements: 

  • Served on two thought leadership panels at the 2019 ISM conference in Houston- April 2019 

  • Spoke about trends in print advertising at St. Thomas University’s innovation event in Houston- April 2019  

  • Hosted a webinar titled How To Get Marketing’s Attention Without Throwing A Temper Tantrum for the ISM-NJ affiliate- 6/26/2019  

  • Serving on a women in procurement panel- 9/24/2019 in Dallas 

  • Speaking at ISM-NJ’s digital transformation event- 3/18/2020 


  • PSDA’s Member of the Year 

  • North Bay Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Trailblazer 

Other finalists included: 

  • Ruchi Aswal – SAP Ariba
  • Eric Brumfield – ProcureAbility
  • Joey Foster – IBM
  • Zachary Greenberger – Lyft
  • Morgan Gandee – Belden
  • Toni Tran – PG&E
  • Edmund Zagorin – Bid Ops