Meet Michael Koontz


Michael Koontz

American Tire Distributors

Vice President of Strategic Sourcing and Partner Perks


Michael has been with ATD for the past four years where he leads Strategic Sourcing and Partner Perks.  Having responsibility for driving value through savings, reduction supplier risk and innovation in sourcing practices.  Michael leads Supplier Diversity and Partner Perks.  Partner Perks was launched in 2021 to offer ATD customers the benefits of a sourcing organization.  Our customers can procure products and services that have been sourced by category leaders and made available to them through an online portal.  This Company utilizes the experience of ATD sourcing and the scale of 20,000  dealers to provide benefits to the dealer.​ 

Michael has been in sourcing for the past 25 years and been part of some amazing organizations including ATD, Lowes and Wells Fargo.  He has held leadership roles for both the buyside and sell side and spent a year as an industry analyst publishing over 14 reports covering the industry and markets trends for sourcing.  Michael is currently an Advisory Board Member for Sourcing Interest Group (SIG) and an Advisory Board member for Habitat for Humanity ReStore for the Carolinas.​ 

Michael has a B.S. in Finance from The University of Tennessee and an M.B.A., Kennesaw State University.