Meet Jim Bergman


Jim Bergman

Commercial Officers Group



With extensive commercial relationship and contracting experience in outsourcing, supply management, strategic sourcing and sales, Jim Bergman serves as founder of a global consultancy focused on the effective implementation and execution of leading contracting practices. Previously, Mr. Bergman was a contracts attorney for a Fortune 500 petrochemical corporation, Amoco Corporation, and was responsible for legal and negotiations support to the procurement staff. He supported multiple locations globally, where he addressed strategic sourcing, outsourcing, and legal issues concerning commodities and services valued at more than $1 billion annually. 

Mr. Bergman’s experience encompasses developing, negotiating and managing contracts for a wide array of clients. 

Across his wide array of commodity experiences, he has been extensively involved in establishing many customer-supplier relationships founded on outsourcing, strategic sourcing, supply chain management, performance metrics and measures, as well as Total Cost of Ownership principles, and has served as editor for publications focusing on the successes associated in such relationships. He has also led in developing and delivering both public and internal training programs. 

As a strategic management consultant, Jim has assisted numerous clients through all phases and steps of contracting, negotiation, outsourcing, insourcing, strategic sourcing and bidding processes, and contract management processes, demonstrating savings in excess of $100 million. Jim has also served as a seminar instructor in many topics regarding sourcing, contracting, outsourcing, law and negotiations. His audiences and clients have included attorneys, plus financial, operational and sourcing professionals from multinational corporations and the public sector.