Global Impact Sourcing Project


Global Impact Sourcing Project

The winner of the Innovations in Sustainability Award is Microsoft for a global impact sourcing project.

Project Description

Within Microsoft Procurement, we discovered Impact sourcing is a unique empowering sourcing model that is directly aligned to our mission to help individuals achieve more. For Microsoft, Impact Sourcing means knock-ing down  artificial  barriers  to employment and  allowing high-potential  individuals  to bring their  strengths  to the marketplace. Impact  Sourcing  reduces  risk  by  enabling  supplier  clients to  responsibly  explore  labor  markets  and  achieve  perfor-mance  comparable  to  traditional  models.  Studies  have shown  this  typically  leads  to  exceptional  quality,  with  15-40 percent lower attrition. To  achieve  the  benefits  Impact  Sourcing  we  set  out  on  a journey  to  build  an  Impact  Sourcing program. 

Other finalists included:

  • Ivalua and Fannie Mae - Joint procurement transformation project