Danny Ertel - Sourcing Supernova Hall of Fame

Danny Ertel
Partner | Director | Founder
  • Category: Supernova Hall of Fame
  • Year: 2019

Danny Ertel - Sourcing Supernova Hall of Fame

The 2019 inductees into the Sourcing Supernova Hall of Fame included: 

  • Danny Ertel , Partner | Director | Founder at Vantage Partners

  • Mike Morsch , Vice President, Global Procurement & Supply Chain at CDK Global

  • Joseph Martinez , Global Chief Procurement Officer at Bank of New York Mellon

Danny's Biography

Danny Ertel is a founding partner of Vantage Partners and an expert in negotiation, relationship management and organizational transformation. His work centers on developing and implementing strategies that leverage enhanced collaboration internally and with external partners. Danny frequently helps clients through complex negotiations with key customers, alliance partners or critical suppliers, and helps clients to transform enterprise functions to better support their business strategies. His experience spans multiple industries, including energy and mining, legal, finance, technology and life sciences.


Books and articles on negotiation and conflict resolution:

  • Beyond Arbitration (with Ralph Ferrara), Butterworths (1991)
  • How to Design a Conflict Management Process that Fits your Dispute (Sloan Management Review, Summer 1991)
  • Getting Ready to Negotiate: The Getting to Yes Workbook (with Roger Fisher), Penguin (1995)
  • Turning Negotiation into a Corporate Capability (Harvard Business Review, May-June 1999)
  • Getting Past Yes: Negotiating as if Implementation Mattered (Harvard Business Review, November 2004)
  • The Point of the Deal: How to Negotiate when Yes is not Enough (with Mark Gordon), Harvard Business School Publishing (2007)

Articles on sourcing and supply management:

  • Guide to Governance in Outsourcing Relationships: A compilation of advice to providers on achieving value (2008)
  • Points of Law: Unbundling Corporate Legal Services to Unlock Value (with Mark Gordon) (Harvard Business Review, July-August 2012)
  • Untangling Complex Spend (with Mark Gordon and Jon Hughes) (Procurement Leaders, November/December 2013)
  • Clinical Research: From Out-tasking to Programmatic Outsourcing (Outsource Magazine, Summer 2013)