FAQ Questions: 

Who is eligible for these awards?

This award program is open to all companies. Sourcing professionals on the buy-side and the service provider-side are encouraged to look closely at their business functions and relationships and submit a nomination on their own behalf, on behalf of a team and/or on behalf of a partner that has helped transform their business. 

Is the submission confidential?

Yes. The entry you submit will be shared with the judging panel, but the information will otherwise not be shared publicly.  

The question fields on the entry forms specify character limits. Are these limits including spaces, or not?

Yes the character limits are inclusive of the spaces so please plan your nomination carefully. We understand that 500 characters doesn’t allow for long responses, however we have included many questions that allow you to dissect your nomination into more concise—and targeted—answers. 

Can we submit the same nomination in multiple categories?

Absolutely. You cannot win the same award in multiple categories, but if you think it should be considered in more than one, we will be very happy to evaluate it in multiple categories. 

How does the nomination process work for individuals? If I receive multiple nominations, will my chances of winning improve?

Individual award nominations may be submitted by a colleague or a business partner. Nominations are accepted and evaluated by the Awards Team, which is a specialty panel outside of the Team Award judging panel. Your nomination will be evaluated on your merits, accomplishments, successes and other factors. Multiple nominations will be considered as one nomination; however, the details within the nominations will be compiled and considered in total. Therefore, although multiple nominations do not increase your chances of winning, the information included could provide insight that would otherwise be missing. 

How do I know if my nomination is “good enough”?

Keep in mind that what may seem standard procedure in your industry, could be revolutionary in another industry, so don’t fail to be recognized just because it seems run-of-the mill to you. Sometimes simply approaching an everyday problem from a new angle can create the aha! moment that another company needs to have a breakthrough transformation. 

Can we upload supporting collateral or material?

We are not accepting additional documentation, so be sure that your submission answers the questions in as comprehensive a way as possible. 

What is the evaluation criteria used by the judges for the team awards?

Each category will be judged based on strategic vision (30%), outcomes delivered (40%) and future focus (30)%). For more information, we recommend that you download the entry pack located on the Future of Sourcing Awards website. 

Are any criteria or questions weighted higher than the others?

As mentioned above, the outcomes carry a slightly higher weighting, however the vision and future sustainability are also important. 

Do you plan on publishing a list of the finalists at a certain time?

We will publish a list of the finalists after all finalists have been contacted in mid-August. 

How many finalists per category do you plan to shortlist?

We anticipate short-listing two to three finalists in each category, depending on the volume of entries. 

What are the expectations of the finalists?

Finalists will be celebrated widely on social media, the Internet and the website, so once selected, all finalists will receive a packet that highlights the various expectations, but in short, finalists will be: 

  • Interviewed on a podcast in late August 

  • Offered a 20-minute “Award Talk” at the fall SIG Summit to share the nuts and bolts of their nomination 

  • Required to write a 125-word summary of the nomination 

  • Provided with a template to put together an overview collateral piece for distribution at the Summit 

  • Asked to attend the Awards event to be recognized and possibly win an award  

Will you be conducting interviews with finalists?

Yes. We will interview each finalist in a podcast. We will take excerpts from the podcasts and share them via Outsource Magazine and the SIG blog.  

Can we approve anything that is distributed publicly?

All finalists will be asked to submit a short abstract of the nomination, which will be used for social media, email communications, website updates, press releases, online blogs and more. We are very excited about the submissions and want to share widely! 

How will our company participation be shared? Do you plan to check with us before you advertise our submission and use our name and/or logo?

By submitting the nomination, you are consenting to our publicity rules outlined in the Awards Entry Pack. In summary, we reserve the right to use the company names of nominees in our communications. Finalists agree that their company names and logos may be used in our communications. We recommend that you obtain prior approval from your communications/PR/marketing and/or legal departments before submitting the nomination form to mitigate any risk with this process in advance.